Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14 week 2010

The last several days here in New Hampshire have been perfect Autumn days , bright sunshine , cool mornings and the smell of apples in the air . The cool nights and cool mornings provide a special type of workout motivation.

In the last week we have been able to finalize my latest DVD " The Art and Science of Falling ", this was created to support workshop participants who participate in my Learning How to Fall Workshops.

My current reading has been John Maxwells "Today Matters " a very powerful book , I would urge anyone who is training staff / employess in any field to read the book as well as encourage staff to read it .
Also just finnished " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo " by Stieg Larson , I really enjoyed the book and found myself reading into the early AM hours , I had read an indepth article concerning his Dad and Brother as well as his life partner and the issues they where having after his premature death.
Still working on the novel " Texas " by James A. Michener at 1,096 pages it has been my fall back " read" he covered everything when he wrote !

I have had several requests for morning routine guidelines : my current morning routine consists
of : Salt Water Nasal Rinse
2-3 glasses of water
myo fascia release techniques on the foam roller , stick and ball
joint mobilzation work
floor somatics for hip and back
hamstring and hip stretchs
outside chi kung exercises
slow and deliberate forms or techniques

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