Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday October 18 , 2010 week

Since the rain stopped several days ago we have enjoyed some picture perfect Autumn days ! The rain really helped to bring out the colors in the leaves - the ones that where not blown off during the 40 + mile an hour winds we had on Friday !

Saturday was a beautifull day which I spent manning Black Belt Academy's booth at the Exeter Fall Festival , got to meet lots of great people , who I look forward to working with at the Academy .

A couple of interesting notes in the news , the first being that researchers looked at almost a thousand mummies from South America and Egypt and discovered only a handfull that had suffered with cancer , cancer that now accounts for nearly one in three deaths !
The study showed the disease rate has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution , in particular childhood cancers , proving that the rise is not simply from living longer.

The reasearchers state that there is nothing in a natural enviroment that can cause cancer - that cancer comes down to pollution and changes in our diet .

And speaking of diet by now you have probably heard about the Mc Donalds hamburger that didnt decompose - remember Len Foleys bionic burger video ? it was posted in 2007 , this video shows a guy who bought his Mc Donalds burger in 1989 that still haven't decomposed in over two decades ! ( HTTP:// )

Just more evidence that the closer we eat to how are ancestors ate , the better off we are.

Moving on to Training and Martial Arts , Still working on the great material Kevin Secours left us with his most recent Systema Workshop .

Strength Training this past week falls into the chaos approach , with a great Sunday leg workout consisting of :
* Dynamic Warm Up
* Band Work for Hips and Glutes
* Front Squats , to the floor , #110 x 8 / 115 x 8 / 125 x 8
* Back Squats #230 x 8
* One Legged Ham String Roll Outs on The Swiss Ball 3 sets of 8
* 1 set of leg curls , slow on hamstring machine
* 1 set of chek crunch's for 15
* some PM roller and stick work

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