Monday, July 19, 2010

Your Movement Patterns now

Yesterday at the gym I had a nice , quick training , some kick & punch , with a review of all the basic kicks , followed by 5 of 6
* Deadlifts
*Pull Ups
* Dips
* Cable Flye
*Dumbell Curl to overhead press
* Twister
* Jack Knives for abs

This morning started with a glass of lemon juice water and hot t , outside joint mobilization , chi kung and slow forms & techniques , followed by some ground somatics with foam roller work.
Just hung the birdfeeder before I went out the American Gold Finchs are quite happy along with the cardnial.
Just as I was to begin my workout I was approached by a Gym aquaitance who has been having big problems with his glutes and hips , based on my observations I could only suggest that perhaps it was time to start a yin routine to balance his yang , perhaps yoga , or somatics.

The movement patterns we have now are what will determine how we move when we are 50 - 60 and beyond , I asked my aquaintance how did he feel when he got out of bed in the morning and what would that be like if he added 20 years to that feefling.

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