Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Feet

The Taosist's of China taught that ageing began in the feet , starting with a lack of circulation and a lack of mobility . A small but very important peice of mobility training starts with a simple yet vigorous wiggleing of the toes even befor one has left bed , just back and forth . Start your next morning with this addition to your mobility routine and measure your day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Your Movement Patterns now

Yesterday at the gym I had a nice , quick training , some kick & punch , with a review of all the basic kicks , followed by 5 of 6
* Deadlifts
*Pull Ups
* Dips
* Cable Flye
*Dumbell Curl to overhead press
* Twister
* Jack Knives for abs

This morning started with a glass of lemon juice water and hot t , outside joint mobilization , chi kung and slow forms & techniques , followed by some ground somatics with foam roller work.
Just hung the birdfeeder before I went out the American Gold Finchs are quite happy along with the cardnial.
Just as I was to begin my workout I was approached by a Gym aquaitance who has been having big problems with his glutes and hips , based on my observations I could only suggest that perhaps it was time to start a yin routine to balance his yang , perhaps yoga , or somatics.

The movement patterns we have now are what will determine how we move when we are 50 - 60 and beyond , I asked my aquaintance how did he feel when he got out of bed in the morning and what would that be like if he added 20 years to that feefling.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Perfect Morning

Today started with several glasses of fresh well water with just cut lemon , then 30 minutes of Somatic movement ( for Somatic's DVD ) , a perfect morning.

Don't move the way fear makes you move ,
Move the way love makes you move ,
Move the way joy makes you move ,

As martial atists the quicker we can remove fear from our body , then our true untapped ability to
move as human beings , as martial artists has become born.

Often times when martial artists observe ( but don't participate ) in a somatics class , it appears as some form of stretching ( read Moshe Feldenkrais on movement ) the Systema method of training along with Somatics work is an ideal combination

Saturday, July 10, 2010

fruit salad and summertime

For the last week or so here in New England we have had some warm and humid days , reminding me abit of Houston , New Orleans and even the Quad Cities , a trick I learned in the midwest when the temp got up around 100 by 11 am and the humidty numbers matched the temperature numbers was fruit salads , grab the largest bowl you have , start with several cans of unsweetened peach's and pears , then add fresh pineapple , strawberry's , bluberries, grapes , bannanas , its quite refreashing the first day , however wait till the second day when all those fruits have had time to mingle about , a bowl of fruit salad with a side dish of low fat cottage cheese or yogurt , takes the edge off the day , provideing a nice , lkight , cooling meal.

The 5 agreements by don Miguel Ruiz provide some powerfull little reminders , the first two are my thoughts for the day:

1/ If you are impecable with your word
2/ If you don't take anything personal

For the last week my personal strength training routine has been a pretty straitforward deal:
* Front Squat's with a 2 second pause 1/.2 way up
* Hamstring rollouts on the swiss ball
* Body weight pull up's with mixed grips
* Body weight dips
* 1 arm bent row with dumbell
* Flat bench
* concentration curl with dumbbell over swiss ball
* ab work has been twister on the swiss ball followed by jack knife's

my warm up consists of a shoulder rehab , 20 , round kicks , ax , side , back , spining back , front kicks with hand combinations.
Martial Arts workouts have been Kenpo forms & techniques , often with Silat entries along with Systema movement