Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recovery Day - Silat and Chobani Yogurt

Today is a " recovery " day after a long and fullfilling Saturday , Guro Ingram is in town and taught a great Silat Semminar Saturday , four Academy Black Belts where in attendance , several of them have been training now for 20 or more years ! I was proud to see them training with Mr. Ingram , my partner was Guro Travis , and I allways learn alot when working with Trav. Mr & Mrs Ingram are about to celebrated their 60th Wedding Aniversary and Mr. Ingram turns 80 this coming month.

Latter on Saturday I drove over to the Mastery Martial Arts Black Belt Extravaganza at Twin Rivers Casino , what a sharp group of Martial Artist's , always a pleasure to be around and celebrate all the new belts and Master Hortons promtion to 5th degree Black Belt.

Lots of stretching today , Epsom Salt Bath , followed by a cold shower , now off for an upper body workout , some Kenpo & Silat practice and more stretching.

Recently I " discovered " Chobani Greek Yogurt based on a recomendation from Mountain Bike Russ the super Chef , check it out at , the best yogurt I have ever tasted !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The second day of summer

Here it is already the second day of summer ! We have been having some nice warm and muggy days , perhaps warmer than the average New Englander cares for , certianly more humid than we need, I always remind myself what does Houston or New Orleans feel like today.

Another Fathers Day gone past , I consider myself beyond fortunate to be able to just make a phone call and wish Dad a Happy Fathers Day , not all 56 year olds can do that , and I consider that a real blessing.

With all this humid weather I " rediscovered " a food dish I used to prepare back in the midwest when the temp's would hit 100 around 10:30 in the morning with humidity to match , the FRUIT BOWL , I take a BIG bowl and load it up with as much fresh fruit as It will hold , this weeks , consisted of Strawberry's, Bannana's, Grapefruits, Navel Oranges , Peach's and Pears serverd with a side dish of low fat cottage cheese , good to go.

Still experimenting with rotating organic meat and mixed nuts for breakfast and really enjoying the results , better energy and mental clarity are the two benefits I notice right away.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Great Nights Sleep

Last night was " Active restoration " night , after switching from my Paramout to my vintage Trek my legs could really notice the difference on the hils with the original Trek gearing , after some very light Form work , a 20 minute Epsom Salt bath , followed by some Foam Roller work and then some Yin Yoga , today legs and body feel recovered and ready for both a workout and teaching an outstanding Kick Boxing class .

Today's Morning Routine , after 2 Glasses of water with Lemon and a hot tea , consists's of Joint Mobilization Work , Somatic Floor Work for Hips and Back and concluding with Chi Kung energy work

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warriors Creed

Wherever I go,
Everyone is a little safer.

Because I am there
Anyone in need has a friend