Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PM Stretching

Along with some active restoration , I'm noticing some light PM stretching really seems to make a difference , sometimes followed up by roller work , sometimes not , keeping some variety, some nights just 20 second per position and then several nights a week 2 or 3 Yin Yoga positions and roller work , for the limited time invested , generally 10 minutes or less the benefits seem to carry a big bang for the amount of time invloved. Try it and let me know what you think .


The Wise Escape Doubt

The Good Hearted Escape Trouble

And The Bold Escape Fear and Apprehension

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 2010

Yesterday was Mothers Day , I had the great pleasure of having a great lunch with my Mother as well as several other Mothers who reside in the same group home , a special day .

This month we are continuing with:
* understanding & application of the figure eight in techniques
*Finding & creating the gap in techniques
*weaponizing the body
*techniques from a seated position
*further understanding & practice of the mindset " everything is a weapon "
*the inverted round house and heel hook kick
*joint mobilization / chi kung / restoration
*Yin Yoga

Chief Instructor Dan Casey just opened his Academy , located at Harris Pond on the Nashua / Merrimack N.H. line , with his warm personality , strong understanding of his martial arts and gift at bringing out the leadership qualities in all his students , I'm confident he will do very well. The Academy is located right next to the DMV , if your in the area stop in .

Strength training has progressed from back squats to front squats to deadlifts with plyos and my version of parkour training , this week moving into the single leg squat and plyos.

The last several days we have had a real chill in the air ( alot of wood stoves where burning in my neighborhood last night ! ) the am's are great for outside breath & energy work , that the liliacs are out almost a month early and in their prime dosn't hurt either. As a novice birdwatcher yesterday I observed my first indigo blue bunting , wow ! Such a bright color blue you think you are in Central America.

June 4 , 2010 at Master Randalls Academy in Dover , there will be a Childrens & adults Introduction to Silat,then the weekend of June 11, Mr. Kevin Secours will be in Stratham for a 3 day workshop in Systema ( visit )