Monday, February 22, 2010

Mind Power

This post is based on several recent articles , the first appeared in the New York Times Personal Business section on Saturday February 15 , 2010 in an article titled " when Children Are Overweight , Changes For the Whole Family " , the average child spends 7 hours and 38 minutes each day using computers , i pods , cellphones and watching television according to a January report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The second article appeared in the Boston Globe , Sunday February 21 , 2010 , talking about Harvard Professor Ellen Langers research and how it has transformed Psychology , she is best known for her concept of minlessness - the idea that much of of what we believe rational thought is in fact just our brains on auto pilot - and her concept of mindfulness , the idea that simply paying attention to our everyday lives can make us happier and healthier. Several of her studies that are fascinating: she found that giving nurrsing home residents more control over their lives made them live longer. In a more recent work, she made hotel maids loose weight simply by telling them that their work burned as many calories as a typical workout- a team led by Ellen Langer found that instructing a group of elderly men to talk and act as if they were 20 years younger could reverse the aging process..

The work done by Ellen Langer reinforces the concept ; what we put into our minds can have a very powerfull effect , a reason and reminder to moniter what Children watch and listen to , as well as what we watch and listen to .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Search Out Joy

This week in most newspapers we got the latest scoop on Tiger Woods , great athlete that he is ., during a time where many self employed Americans are struggling to pay for health insurance , record numbers of people are still out of work , the people in Hati are struggling and we are fed Tiger Woods Drama, as though it matters to most people: In my opinion This has a message for all of us :


Never mind pleasure. Search out Joy. Pleasure is it's shadow. But joy is real , a secret splendor running through all creation.

Like gold , it doesn't lie about the streets waiting to be picked up. It has to be dug for , with diligence and passion. It's in people , to be found through the practice of love. It's in work , in the rigorous exercise of powers of mind or body or spirit , It's a gift the created world is perpetually offering ; the price of it is untiring attention to the present moment. It is to be found always and only in the contemplation of reality.

Hunt it down , pursue it , track it to it's lair where it dwells . Not in pleasures and pastimes , distractions , piled - up satisfactions and busyness . It dwells in truth , and nowhere else.

Thats why it matters . It will show you moment by moment where truth is for you. And when you know that , cleave to it , turn not aside , be given up to that. That , if you will , is a way worth living .

Fae Malania

To be able to find Joy in our day to day activities , and even spread it around abit , that may not sell newspapers or provide the backdrop for the news , everyday it becomes easier to slide into the crap trap that so much of the media feeds us 24 hours a day , just like crap food each of us can make the decision to buy in , - or not , I say spread joy