Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday October 23 , 2010

Another perfect Autumn day in New Hampshire , a early trip to the dump , an hour of moving and stacking cordword on top of a an AM Morning Routine of Roller and Stick Work combined with Floor Somatic movements and then out side for some Qui Gong and Forms , a perfect morning !
Yesterday Friday October 22 , I spent the day at Ms. Ruthy Alons Bones for Life WorkShop over in Greenfield , New Hampshire , a spectacular confrence center .

The highlight of my day was meeting and participating in Ruthy's class as well as the honor of Ruthy participating in my falling safely workshop. It was an honor and a privledge to attend and participate with a great group of people from all over the world .

Now a small lunch of meatpie and a little sunbathing to help boost my vitamin D levels

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday October 18 , 2010 week

Since the rain stopped several days ago we have enjoyed some picture perfect Autumn days ! The rain really helped to bring out the colors in the leaves - the ones that where not blown off during the 40 + mile an hour winds we had on Friday !

Saturday was a beautifull day which I spent manning Black Belt Academy's booth at the Exeter Fall Festival , got to meet lots of great people , who I look forward to working with at the Academy .

A couple of interesting notes in the news , the first being that researchers looked at almost a thousand mummies from South America and Egypt and discovered only a handfull that had suffered with cancer , cancer that now accounts for nearly one in three deaths !
The study showed the disease rate has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution , in particular childhood cancers , proving that the rise is not simply from living longer.

The reasearchers state that there is nothing in a natural enviroment that can cause cancer - that cancer comes down to pollution and changes in our diet .

And speaking of diet by now you have probably heard about the Mc Donalds hamburger that didnt decompose - remember Len Foleys bionic burger video ? it was posted in 2007 , this video shows a guy who bought his Mc Donalds burger in 1989 that still haven't decomposed in over two decades ! ( HTTP:// )

Just more evidence that the closer we eat to how are ancestors ate , the better off we are.

Moving on to Training and Martial Arts , Still working on the great material Kevin Secours left us with his most recent Systema Workshop .

Strength Training this past week falls into the chaos approach , with a great Sunday leg workout consisting of :
* Dynamic Warm Up
* Band Work for Hips and Glutes
* Front Squats , to the floor , #110 x 8 / 115 x 8 / 125 x 8
* Back Squats #230 x 8
* One Legged Ham String Roll Outs on The Swiss Ball 3 sets of 8
* 1 set of leg curls , slow on hamstring machine
* 1 set of chek crunch's for 15
* some PM roller and stick work

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14 week 2010

The last several days here in New Hampshire have been perfect Autumn days , bright sunshine , cool mornings and the smell of apples in the air . The cool nights and cool mornings provide a special type of workout motivation.

In the last week we have been able to finalize my latest DVD " The Art and Science of Falling ", this was created to support workshop participants who participate in my Learning How to Fall Workshops.

My current reading has been John Maxwells "Today Matters " a very powerful book , I would urge anyone who is training staff / employess in any field to read the book as well as encourage staff to read it .
Also just finnished " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo " by Stieg Larson , I really enjoyed the book and found myself reading into the early AM hours , I had read an indepth article concerning his Dad and Brother as well as his life partner and the issues they where having after his premature death.
Still working on the novel " Texas " by James A. Michener at 1,096 pages it has been my fall back " read" he covered everything when he wrote !

I have had several requests for morning routine guidelines : my current morning routine consists
of : Salt Water Nasal Rinse
2-3 glasses of water
myo fascia release techniques on the foam roller , stick and ball
joint mobilzation work
floor somatics for hip and back
hamstring and hip stretchs
outside chi kung exercises
slow and deliberate forms or techniques

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Feet

The Taosist's of China taught that ageing began in the feet , starting with a lack of circulation and a lack of mobility . A small but very important peice of mobility training starts with a simple yet vigorous wiggleing of the toes even befor one has left bed , just back and forth . Start your next morning with this addition to your mobility routine and measure your day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Your Movement Patterns now

Yesterday at the gym I had a nice , quick training , some kick & punch , with a review of all the basic kicks , followed by 5 of 6
* Deadlifts
*Pull Ups
* Dips
* Cable Flye
*Dumbell Curl to overhead press
* Twister
* Jack Knives for abs

This morning started with a glass of lemon juice water and hot t , outside joint mobilization , chi kung and slow forms & techniques , followed by some ground somatics with foam roller work.
Just hung the birdfeeder before I went out the American Gold Finchs are quite happy along with the cardnial.
Just as I was to begin my workout I was approached by a Gym aquaitance who has been having big problems with his glutes and hips , based on my observations I could only suggest that perhaps it was time to start a yin routine to balance his yang , perhaps yoga , or somatics.

The movement patterns we have now are what will determine how we move when we are 50 - 60 and beyond , I asked my aquaintance how did he feel when he got out of bed in the morning and what would that be like if he added 20 years to that feefling.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Perfect Morning

Today started with several glasses of fresh well water with just cut lemon , then 30 minutes of Somatic movement ( for Somatic's DVD ) , a perfect morning.

Don't move the way fear makes you move ,
Move the way love makes you move ,
Move the way joy makes you move ,

As martial atists the quicker we can remove fear from our body , then our true untapped ability to
move as human beings , as martial artists has become born.

Often times when martial artists observe ( but don't participate ) in a somatics class , it appears as some form of stretching ( read Moshe Feldenkrais on movement ) the Systema method of training along with Somatics work is an ideal combination

Saturday, July 10, 2010

fruit salad and summertime

For the last week or so here in New England we have had some warm and humid days , reminding me abit of Houston , New Orleans and even the Quad Cities , a trick I learned in the midwest when the temp got up around 100 by 11 am and the humidty numbers matched the temperature numbers was fruit salads , grab the largest bowl you have , start with several cans of unsweetened peach's and pears , then add fresh pineapple , strawberry's , bluberries, grapes , bannanas , its quite refreashing the first day , however wait till the second day when all those fruits have had time to mingle about , a bowl of fruit salad with a side dish of low fat cottage cheese or yogurt , takes the edge off the day , provideing a nice , lkight , cooling meal.

The 5 agreements by don Miguel Ruiz provide some powerfull little reminders , the first two are my thoughts for the day:

1/ If you are impecable with your word
2/ If you don't take anything personal

For the last week my personal strength training routine has been a pretty straitforward deal:
* Front Squat's with a 2 second pause 1/.2 way up
* Hamstring rollouts on the swiss ball
* Body weight pull up's with mixed grips
* Body weight dips
* 1 arm bent row with dumbell
* Flat bench
* concentration curl with dumbbell over swiss ball
* ab work has been twister on the swiss ball followed by jack knife's

my warm up consists of a shoulder rehab , 20 , round kicks , ax , side , back , spining back , front kicks with hand combinations.
Martial Arts workouts have been Kenpo forms & techniques , often with Silat entries along with Systema movement

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recovery Day - Silat and Chobani Yogurt

Today is a " recovery " day after a long and fullfilling Saturday , Guro Ingram is in town and taught a great Silat Semminar Saturday , four Academy Black Belts where in attendance , several of them have been training now for 20 or more years ! I was proud to see them training with Mr. Ingram , my partner was Guro Travis , and I allways learn alot when working with Trav. Mr & Mrs Ingram are about to celebrated their 60th Wedding Aniversary and Mr. Ingram turns 80 this coming month.

Latter on Saturday I drove over to the Mastery Martial Arts Black Belt Extravaganza at Twin Rivers Casino , what a sharp group of Martial Artist's , always a pleasure to be around and celebrate all the new belts and Master Hortons promtion to 5th degree Black Belt.

Lots of stretching today , Epsom Salt Bath , followed by a cold shower , now off for an upper body workout , some Kenpo & Silat practice and more stretching.

Recently I " discovered " Chobani Greek Yogurt based on a recomendation from Mountain Bike Russ the super Chef , check it out at , the best yogurt I have ever tasted !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The second day of summer

Here it is already the second day of summer ! We have been having some nice warm and muggy days , perhaps warmer than the average New Englander cares for , certianly more humid than we need, I always remind myself what does Houston or New Orleans feel like today.

Another Fathers Day gone past , I consider myself beyond fortunate to be able to just make a phone call and wish Dad a Happy Fathers Day , not all 56 year olds can do that , and I consider that a real blessing.

With all this humid weather I " rediscovered " a food dish I used to prepare back in the midwest when the temp's would hit 100 around 10:30 in the morning with humidity to match , the FRUIT BOWL , I take a BIG bowl and load it up with as much fresh fruit as It will hold , this weeks , consisted of Strawberry's, Bannana's, Grapefruits, Navel Oranges , Peach's and Pears serverd with a side dish of low fat cottage cheese , good to go.

Still experimenting with rotating organic meat and mixed nuts for breakfast and really enjoying the results , better energy and mental clarity are the two benefits I notice right away.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Great Nights Sleep

Last night was " Active restoration " night , after switching from my Paramout to my vintage Trek my legs could really notice the difference on the hils with the original Trek gearing , after some very light Form work , a 20 minute Epsom Salt bath , followed by some Foam Roller work and then some Yin Yoga , today legs and body feel recovered and ready for both a workout and teaching an outstanding Kick Boxing class .

Today's Morning Routine , after 2 Glasses of water with Lemon and a hot tea , consists's of Joint Mobilization Work , Somatic Floor Work for Hips and Back and concluding with Chi Kung energy work

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warriors Creed

Wherever I go,
Everyone is a little safer.

Because I am there
Anyone in need has a friend

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PM Stretching

Along with some active restoration , I'm noticing some light PM stretching really seems to make a difference , sometimes followed up by roller work , sometimes not , keeping some variety, some nights just 20 second per position and then several nights a week 2 or 3 Yin Yoga positions and roller work , for the limited time invested , generally 10 minutes or less the benefits seem to carry a big bang for the amount of time invloved. Try it and let me know what you think .


The Wise Escape Doubt

The Good Hearted Escape Trouble

And The Bold Escape Fear and Apprehension

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 2010

Yesterday was Mothers Day , I had the great pleasure of having a great lunch with my Mother as well as several other Mothers who reside in the same group home , a special day .

This month we are continuing with:
* understanding & application of the figure eight in techniques
*Finding & creating the gap in techniques
*weaponizing the body
*techniques from a seated position
*further understanding & practice of the mindset " everything is a weapon "
*the inverted round house and heel hook kick
*joint mobilization / chi kung / restoration
*Yin Yoga

Chief Instructor Dan Casey just opened his Academy , located at Harris Pond on the Nashua / Merrimack N.H. line , with his warm personality , strong understanding of his martial arts and gift at bringing out the leadership qualities in all his students , I'm confident he will do very well. The Academy is located right next to the DMV , if your in the area stop in .

Strength training has progressed from back squats to front squats to deadlifts with plyos and my version of parkour training , this week moving into the single leg squat and plyos.

The last several days we have had a real chill in the air ( alot of wood stoves where burning in my neighborhood last night ! ) the am's are great for outside breath & energy work , that the liliacs are out almost a month early and in their prime dosn't hurt either. As a novice birdwatcher yesterday I observed my first indigo blue bunting , wow ! Such a bright color blue you think you are in Central America.

June 4 , 2010 at Master Randalls Academy in Dover , there will be a Childrens & adults Introduction to Silat,then the weekend of June 11, Mr. Kevin Secours will be in Stratham for a 3 day workshop in Systema ( visit )

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Snow

Here we are at the end of April and still seeing snow flakes fall ! After many Spring days , it was quite the surprise to see snow falling in the morning!

This month we are working on Glute Strength , with glute bridges and Plyo's along with squats for the martial artist athlete.

Interesting book for anyone who teachs or leads : The Science of Success by Matthew Syed ,
one of the take homes for me was in any endeavor ten thousand hours of practice are required for excellence in performance

According to security expert Gavin deBecker who recently appeared on Oprah Winfrey ( april 15 )
A woman dies every 4 hours in the U.S. at the hands of her husband or boyfriend . Gavin says these crimes are often predictable & preventable. to combat domestic violence Gavin has developed a potentially life saving tool called Mosiac. This online assesment is free and protects the users identity.
available at: HTTPS;//

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day

A Perfect Easter Day here in New England , after a 60 minute bike ride , some light stretching and foam roller work , on to blog update time :

This week saw the addition of Plyo's to my workout routine : Here is a sample workout:

* 60 seconds jump rope
* Plyos on to 3 stepd landing with 2 legs
* Ham String rollouts on the Swiss Ball

Repeat , only change landing on one leg

2-3 sets until form started to diminish.

Watched a great movie last night " The Secret Life of Words " starring Sarah Polley and Tim Robbins , excellent movie along with some pointed political statements.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Training

With Spring comes a change in training ; if we use the principles taught in Chinese Medicine , we adapt our daily life to the change of the seasons , in the Spring time all the energies of the earth grow and flourish ( my sightings this week of the Fox sunning him self in the back yard , the Turkeys speaking extra loud and the the Hyper activity of the local birds atest to this ) this is considered the time to train hard and push the body , both Stretching and Strengthning exercises are done in the Spring .

During all of our classes we are adding - slowly - Plyo Metrics , along with barefoot sprinting, Joint Mobilization Movements as well as a Hip Opening Series , when the hips become tight and congested , pain in the lower back and knees may be felt .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mind Power

This post is based on several recent articles , the first appeared in the New York Times Personal Business section on Saturday February 15 , 2010 in an article titled " when Children Are Overweight , Changes For the Whole Family " , the average child spends 7 hours and 38 minutes each day using computers , i pods , cellphones and watching television according to a January report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The second article appeared in the Boston Globe , Sunday February 21 , 2010 , talking about Harvard Professor Ellen Langers research and how it has transformed Psychology , she is best known for her concept of minlessness - the idea that much of of what we believe rational thought is in fact just our brains on auto pilot - and her concept of mindfulness , the idea that simply paying attention to our everyday lives can make us happier and healthier. Several of her studies that are fascinating: she found that giving nurrsing home residents more control over their lives made them live longer. In a more recent work, she made hotel maids loose weight simply by telling them that their work burned as many calories as a typical workout- a team led by Ellen Langer found that instructing a group of elderly men to talk and act as if they were 20 years younger could reverse the aging process..

The work done by Ellen Langer reinforces the concept ; what we put into our minds can have a very powerfull effect , a reason and reminder to moniter what Children watch and listen to , as well as what we watch and listen to .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Search Out Joy

This week in most newspapers we got the latest scoop on Tiger Woods , great athlete that he is ., during a time where many self employed Americans are struggling to pay for health insurance , record numbers of people are still out of work , the people in Hati are struggling and we are fed Tiger Woods Drama, as though it matters to most people: In my opinion This has a message for all of us :


Never mind pleasure. Search out Joy. Pleasure is it's shadow. But joy is real , a secret splendor running through all creation.

Like gold , it doesn't lie about the streets waiting to be picked up. It has to be dug for , with diligence and passion. It's in people , to be found through the practice of love. It's in work , in the rigorous exercise of powers of mind or body or spirit , It's a gift the created world is perpetually offering ; the price of it is untiring attention to the present moment. It is to be found always and only in the contemplation of reality.

Hunt it down , pursue it , track it to it's lair where it dwells . Not in pleasures and pastimes , distractions , piled - up satisfactions and busyness . It dwells in truth , and nowhere else.

Thats why it matters . It will show you moment by moment where truth is for you. And when you know that , cleave to it , turn not aside , be given up to that. That , if you will , is a way worth living .

Fae Malania

To be able to find Joy in our day to day activities , and even spread it around abit , that may not sell newspapers or provide the backdrop for the news , everyday it becomes easier to slide into the crap trap that so much of the media feeds us 24 hours a day , just like crap food each of us can make the decision to buy in , - or not , I say spread joy

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Relief

" To whom much is given - much is expected " right now Haiti needs the Worlds assistance , an organization I have a great deal of respect for and refer people to is :

The Salvation Army Service Office
International Disaster Relief
Po Box 630728
Baltimore , Maryland , 21263- 0728

attention: Haiti Earthquake Relief

or: 1 - 800- Sal - Army
/ or text @ Haiti to 5200

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 2010

As 1/3 of the first month of a New Year has gone by , a personal ritual that I enjoy creating is a Fast Start Program , a series of strategies that allow me to come out of the gate strong , during the first 100 days of the New Year , to become re - aware of all the opportunities that I am surrounded with.

While organizing and pulling together notes for an upcoming presentation I came across this peice of poetry by Walt Whitman.

" There was never any more begining than there is now.
Nor any more youth or age - than there is now.
And will never be any more perfection than there is now
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now "

Create the type of day you desire - enjoy and be well

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The First 100Days

The first 100 days of the New Year can have a dramatic impact on the remaining 9 months of the year , closely resembling the sprinter with their foot on the block , getting out of the gait with a strong start does make a difference.

A key to really controling the quality and productivity of your day is the "Morning Routine " that you create for yourself , below is a basic morning routine that I use and adjust for the seasons.

* Rise - Take care of business - Rinse my mouth out to eliminate the overnight dust that may have
* 3-4 Fresh glasses of Water with Lime
* Standing QiGong ( Chi Kung )
* Joint Mobilization for the entire body
* Somatic Floor movements

Just this simple little process allows you to control the day , to many people let the day control them , and then wonder why they are unhappy and frustrated.

This is a basic routine that is adjusted for the 4 seasons , several times a week the 6 healing sounds routine is also added.

As you come out of the gate strong in2010 , experiment with the Morning Routine that "feels" best for you.

Several minutes prior to posting this I was listening to Bootsy Collins and the Parlament Funkadelics , some good stuff

Monday, January 4, 2010

January 2010

Happy New Year Wishes to all . it's been over 30 days since my last blog entry , between Holiday Festivities and projects it was a busy , productive , creative and exciting month.

Blog updates will continue to be slow for awhile as several new projects come to fruition , along with time dedicated to projects unfulfilled from last year.

In fact Decembers Newsletter just went out today ! Thats OK though because the content dosn't expire. One of the projects I'm currently invloved with is interviewing Martial Artists of different ages to determine how / or if the Martial Arts has helped them from a health perspective , as well as getting a feel for what long term injuries seem to be the most common .

Yesterday was a strength training day 3 sets of 6 repititions , with a complex warm up pre workout and an intense streching session after , followed by 15 minutes of heat.

Today , after my morning routine and several hours of projects , a 20 minute epsom salt bath followed by an ice cold rinse - feeling good.

Watched a great movie the other night" Captian Corelli's Mandolin " with John Hurt , Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz , about life on the Greek island of Cephalonia during World War Two ,
well worth seeing , both from a historical perspective and entertaiment.

Coming up this month are several workshops , Weapons Disarms , Hip and Lower Back Opening Exercises , and several Personal Protection Strategy Workshops for the public , also planned are several " Learn How to Fall Safely " workshops , one here in N.H. at the new Amherst Yoga on February 13 and one in Massachusetts.