Friday, October 30, 2009

Form and technique

Many years ago I asked Guro Dan Inosanto for advice on how to remain as injury free as possible whilke still keeping , timeing , power , speed , one of his suggestions was creative use of the focus mitts , the other was to change how I trained every decade . Guro Dan is one of GrandMaster Ed Parkers first Black Belts as well as being the Senior Instructor for Bruce Lee , I took his advice to heart , and have discovered for myself that in each decade may be some 5 year " mini" cycles.

This months lesson plan has us working on the nutral bow / forward bow transition , as well as softening up some of the " Hard " movement in both Forms & Techniques . After my time in China Town both observing & training and seemed to me the softer style systems had more older students that moved well than the Hard style systems I'v observed and trained in , if we can't train in our Arts as we gwt older ( and Better ) what good is it.

Two of the movement mantras we are useing this month are " moving with awareness " and " how little  energy can I use to accomplish this movement "

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Wind Down

After our snow on the Fall colored trees Sunday , we have had some perfect Fall days , high's in the mid 60's , so far this week we' ve hads two private 's outside , air quality was perfect.

Today is an attribute training day as well as strength , working on knife flow , the 4 basic kicks with a spining series, hand & foot flow drills - Strength training this week consists of a circuit:
*45 # Bar Warm Up
* Front Squat
*Ham String Rollouts on the Swiss Ball
*Bench Dips , with variations
*Cable Flye with variations
*Curl and Press
* Hanging Oblique Leg Raises
*Hanging Spinal De Compression
*Negative crunch's with 10 #
* Specific after workout stretch's
This is the last day for this routine , switching on Sunday

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sunday here in New Hampshire not only did we still have great Fall colors still on the tree's we had a good dusting of snow on the red,orange and golden Fall colors , I can't remember ever having seen that ! 

The cord wood was delivered yesterday , looks like a excellent cord , some hefting , spitting and stacking to do , some of the activities that seemed like torture at 16 are now quite enjoyable , handleing of firewood being one of them , for me.

Saturday we had a great experiential workshop on Self Realization : Covering the Tapping Chi Gong Routine along with the 6 Healing Sounds , Joint Mobilization and the Avatar Awareness exercise " Counting Forms"

 " Breathing in ,
   I Know that I am alive
   Breathing out,
   I Smile to my aliveness "

 Morning Routine : Somatic Floor Work - Joint Mobilization ( inside )  then outside for Chi Gong  and Breathing - Forms at Tai Chi Speed , inside for the 6 Healing Sounds.

 If the Quads are still tight from Sunday's front squats , possibly some stick and foam roller work

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mark Twain

Mark Twain nailed it dead on when he said " Travel is Fatal to predjudice , bigotry and narrow mindiness "

Morning routine update

Recentlly I was asked why did I suggest rinsing your mouth out with lime water first thing in the morning ,,,,,,,,  I don't !  If in any of my writings that came across , let me review what I suggest as part of a Healthy Living Morning Routine , when I first get up I rinse my throat out with water , to get rid of any dust that may have been inhaled during the night , then I like to have several glasses of well water with fresh cut lime, often finnishing the last glass as the AM Somatic  Floor routine is completed.

Great workout yesterday: Complex Warm Up - 20 of each of the basic kicks with some speed work
                                             Punch & Kick Drills with movement
#45 Bar = Deadlift -Good morning , Overhead Press- Back Squat - Front Squat - Arm Curl
that completed the warm up
workout: Deadlift
                 Flat Bench
                 One Arm Bent Row
                 Body Weight Dips
                 Standing Overhead Press
                 Bicep Curl
                 Reverse Hyper on Swiss Ball
                 Butt Blaster with #90's
                 2 sets of Hanging Spine Decompression
                 3 Way med ball core work 25 seconds
                 Leg and Hip Stretch
2 sets of 8 with active rest inbetween
65 minutes total time

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fresh Air of Fall

The oatmeal is on , ready to be mixed with raisons, walnuts and real New Hampshire syrup !
The beans are soaking , in 24 hours they will be baked with an old recipe from Laurels Kitchen or as best as I can recall.

A perfect Fall day , the sun is strong , Chi Kung - Forms and Prance of the Tiger technique was a perfect outside morning routine, as on most all days alittle Somatic movement on the floor to wake up the body along with joint mobilization work.

Yesterday was the first weight training day ( other than Body Weight ) in two weeks , felt so great to be back  , here was my welcome back routine:

* Complex Warm Up
* Side - Back - Round House Kicks  on the bar , working form - spining back kick , 20 of each
* Shadow Boxing w ith # 1-2-3-4 Front Kicks working the Boxers square
* Olympic Bar Warm Up = Deadlift - Overhead Press- Good Morning - Back Squat - Front Squat
  Bicep Curl - one arm Deadlift
* Followed by Deadlift's - one arm bent row - standing overhead press- flat bench with d. bells -
  d.bell bicep curl - butt blaster with 95#'s - reverse hyper with body weight - 3 sets of Chek 
* 2 minute groin stretch , 4 minutes of quad & hamstring stretch

Perfect workout  , 55 minutes from start to finnish

 My understanding of FaceBook continues to grow and I am constantly amazed at "it's " ability to connect people , within the next week my intentions are to have a FB page set up for alumni of 
DragonFire Martial Arts and Black Belt Academy's.