Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The End of September in New England

Here it is almost the end of September , back from the Southwest for 2 weeks now , today is the day the grass is cut for the last time in 2009 ! Here in New Hampshire we have had some spectacular weather , my guess is that the Fall foilage will be outstanding this year , already theres been lots of red with the swamp maples and sumac. 

Yesterday I attended my nephews cross country track event , perfect day for running , got to see both the boy's and the girls , After oatmeal and some writing , pulling together next months newsletter I'll be off for a 60 plus minute bike ride , taking some time off from strength training , Somatics , Forms and timing drills along with teaching , barefoot sprinting on Saturday.

This is going on a month now with a Face Book page , i'm amazed at how many old friends I have been able to connect with as well as new friends , what a great resource

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Epsom Salts , The Organ Mountains and Pine Trees

Anyone who spends any lenth of time around me will here me speak of recovery and it's importance for Martial Artists ( and everyone else ) now that my schedule is getting back on track from the West Texas trip , last night I put 4 cups of Epsom Salts in some pretty warm water and for 20 minutes soaked , with alittle hamstring stretching ( it's a BIG tub ) ,, PERFECT , I barely remember warching Larry King after.

 Restoration is a huge part of recovery and renewal , and it dosn't get much easier than a 20 minute soak in Epsom Salts , I slept great  and even during my Morning Somatic routine felt more flexible than usual after rolling out of bed.

While in New Mexico every morning my Chi Gong routine along with my Forms & Kicks where done with the rising sun and the Organ Mountains ( The Spanish Explorers named them that as they do resemble a pipe organ , at 6,000 plus feet ) Today was my first morning where my Chi Gong and Forms where done with the sun and Pine Trees , was it Mr. Jack La Lane who said there will come atime when you can't so the workout your currently doing so enjoy it while you can. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in the saddle / good reading

Great trip to West Texas and New Mexico , the sunshine was perfect , now back in New Hampshire , the weather is unbeatable , warm days , cool nights , sleeping with the window open is the best sleeping pill ever ! It's like a pre Indian Summer 

Two great books that I've been talking about since the first time I read each of them , for ANY athlete " Born to Run " is full of wisdom and inspiration , and you will probably be healthier after you read it and apply some of the ideas to your life . 

For Martial Artists and Law Enforcement ( and Parents as well as anyone who travels )  " The Unthinkable " - who survives a disaster and why , this  needs to be part of any modern Martial Arts school curriculum  , along with non deadly pressure point control techniques , which is another whole subject.

This weekend I was able to attend a cycle cross race in Auburn , N.H. , very cool stuff , my good friend Russell Brooks who helps host the event was able to give me a tour and explain the course, check one out if you have the opportunity , a bonus while getting the skinny on Cycle Cross I ran into Peg Donovan and Family , and in a very short time met up with Tim Donovan not only did we get to catch up on Family and life we also took time to remember some of the old , crazy training techniques at Natilus North , human beings duct tapeing themselves to the leg extension machine ! Thats an "old training story " for latter , even Arthur Jones would smile over that one !

Saturday, September 19, 2009

West Texas and New Mexico

What a great trip West , the weather in Texas and New Mexico was around 85 every day , sunny , not a cloud in the sky. Didn't have time to visit any boot shops in El Paso , from the Highway you can see Rocket Buster Boot Company , they have a great on line catalog.
Visited Pecan country , Rock City , which is like a huge natural  Stonehenge in the desert , toured the Fort that the Buffalo Soldiers where stationed at , as well as a magnificent State Park at about 6, 500 hundred feet . Observed several bikes climbing 6,000 ft on the highway without being bothered , they must hit 60 MPH going down hill.
A Friend from Arizona rode his Harley Full Dresser from Mesa out , pretty impressive and comfortable , my eyes still see bikes thru the eyes of a Motto Guzzi Le Mans.
Pictures  will be up soon over on Face Book

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Perfect September Day

Cool Nights and warm days , PERFECT ! Had a great Sprint Session ( 1st in 3 weeks  ) did 8-
 20 second sprints , barefoot , with a 20 second rest . A good hip warm up prior and some static streching after 

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving Meditation

Train don't Drain , Yesterday I was only able to get in 175 Hindu Squats , today was a moving meditation day , a nice easy 90 minute bike ride on a 1973 Schwin Paramount , a perfect early Fall day. Enjoy the long weekend  and remember to keep moving