Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricane Dave anbd Natural Rythmn's

This is our second Hurricane in two weeks , in the last 24 hours the rain has been light but continuous , almost everyone I spoke with today talked about the urge to just stay in and take it easy , important to listen to those natural rythmn's

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hindu Squats

They are not High Tech , however they are effective , I made my goal of 175 Hindu Squats , maybe Saturday will be a Sprint day

The Next Level

Last night we had a great class outside, nice breeze , very few bugs , most of our class time was invested in softening up everyones movement , " Rounding off the Edges " , and creating an awareness of our ability to strike from unique angles.

 Today is a strength  training day , with a goal of 175 Hindu Squats.
With the cooler air in town it is easier to push   a workout , todays goal will take it to a new level for me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I pull together Septembers Newletter , several pearls jumped out at me, for anyone that is in a People business this definition of Leadership is great:

" understanding and improving the Positive influence you have on others , for an increase in the success and fullfillment of everyone you are in a position to affect "

Also a quote from Chris Everett , that sounds very similar to Rudyard Kiplings " IF " 

" If you can react the same way to winning & losing that,,,quality is important because it stays with you the rest of your life "
2/3rds of the average Americans calories comes from just 4 crops : Rice - Soy - Wheat - Corn, the question to ask , is how far removed is that from your GrandParents & Great GrandParents diet  ?

 The Institue of Medicine published some interesting statistics on Health & Longevity , here they are ;
10% of early deaths are due to substandard medical care 
20%  on Social & Physical enviroment
30% on Genetics 
40% on Behavior

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hindu Squates

It seems like it was just a few years ago ( almost 10 ) when the Academy Staff and myself where doing hundreds of Hindu Squats with a Black Belts goal to perform 60 Squats in 60 seconds , and everyone did, well yesterday I met my goal of 125 Hindu Squats , however they where done in 5 sets of 25 , the last set was timed at 29 seconds .
Today is the start of pulling together all the freehand notes to organize for Septembers Newsletter , the Fall is when we also offer longer articles , some really great material this month , or as Anderson Cooper likes to say Breaking News.
Still exploring and having a blast with Face Book , although there are some people I know I Know ,,, I'm having a bit of a time putting faces to names.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Experimenting with Ads

After some consideration I have deciced to post ads on my blog site , I would like to ask all readers that some of the ad's offer the same services that I do , please visit my website at  by scrolling all the way down you will come to products offered

August Training

August is moving on quickly , I've got 4 more strength training sessions planned for the month , if the rain lets up 2 bike riding days and  1 group private lesson , I'm finding after 12 months of experimentation that a warm up blend of Forms , Techniques , specific Dynamic Techniques and Shadow Boxing is an excellent warm up prior to lifting , still majority of Body Weight  exercises ,along with some Reverse Hypers, Hyper Extensions , Crunchs with #50 on a Swiss Ball and some Arm Curls.
For the first week of September we have one more group private indoors , then as the bugs dissapear we will be moving back outside for our training

The Beach

Yesterday as Hurricane Bill was heading up to Nova Scotia , a friend and I headed up to North Hampton and Rye Beach to get some fresh ocean air and watch the waves , after some light morning Somatics to wake the body up and a hearty Sunday breakfast of pancakes and eggs it was time to explore , as a regular beach visitor I knew we where in for a different sort of day when we saw traffic jams where I'd never seen them before , a quick U turn and some back roads alowed us to miss most of the traffic , the waves where fantastic , LOTS of people , the surfers where having a blast . We ended up at Odiorne State Park , lots of Family's , and picture takers , everyone we observed was very respectfull of the waves and the Ranger who was on duty , nothing like the ocean air to energize .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

measureable results

Made my goal ! 125 Hindu Squats ( not yet at one per second ,,but close ! ) You have to be able to measure it , one of my dear friends & mentors used to say , "You have to be able to measure it " In my experience one of the very best tools is a timer from Radio Shack ( about $15.00 ) you can time EVERY element of your workout, Friday was a great Body Weight routine with some light arm curls , some reverse hypers and spinal decompressions thrown in , 5 short ( intense ) sets , plus technical work on kicks , forms , techniques and shadow  boxing

Friday, August 21, 2009


After some great Somatic work to wake up the body , some energy drills and some roller work, it's time for a pre workout power breakfast , oatmeal , raisons , walnuts with a touch of real maple syrup.
Today is some technical work Forms , Techniques , kicking skills and some kick boxing drills followed by a body weight workout , goal today is 125 Hindu squats !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Social Media

Looks like this may not be the last blog on this site , after several years of hearing " are you on facebook " I became a member 48 hours ago and am totaly amazed at how many of the   freinds that I have wondered about over the years that I have been able to contact , amazing , if your the least little bit like me and have not checked it out , do it , a real blast

Friday, August 14, 2009

New blog Site

I'm excited to anounce a new blog site , this will be my last posting all new postings are found at 
HTTP:// , this month represents the first month of our new facebook page as well , see you there !


Last night we had a great " technical " class , after some short but intense conditioning , high intensity Martial Arts burpees we went right into basic Forms and Kenpo Techniques , as a custom I like to dedicate classes to individuals who have had a powerfull impact on the world , and this weeks class was dedicated to Ms. Eunice Shriver , the individual responsible for what became the special Olympics as well as Mr. Les Paul the creator of the solid body electric guitar , two individuals who inspired and changed the world. I encourage everyone to visit You Tube and watch an early Les Paul / Mary Ford recording,  Via Condios

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joint Mobilization

This entire week is dedicated to body weight training , joint mobilization work , along with weapon destruction timing drills , exotic takedowns ( recorded for future DVD  ) and Kenpo Ju Jitsu review class . This entire month has been an open invitation for all Black Belt alumni to train as guests as part of my celebration of life .As Martial Artist's we have been so fortunate to have acess to so much knowledge and so many technique , and while it is true " How many technique do you need" variety allows us to stay fresh , with timing , performance and fitness.
 The body weight workout this week:
 40 minutes of joint mobilization 6 times a week with somatics and chi energy drills
 3 times a week , rubber band , monster walks and side steps
 Lunges / Hindu Squate
 Push Up varity's
 Oblique Crunch's


Even our New England rain filled summer is flying by , this time last year I was one week out of the Hospital , after having my system topped off with 4 pints of blood that I was missing , amazing what alittle oxygen and 4 pints of blood can do ! Now a year latter , focus , awareness and perception is much different , and ATTITUDE , I remind my Doctor that he may be in the business of transplanting livers , however it is my job to make sure that he dosn't get to transplant mine. This past weekend I heard from a very special Friend who shared with me that her cancer is in completer remission , ATTITUDE. Another dear friend and fellow cyclist ( who's in great shape ) had a heart attack , and within days after his release was mowing his yard 5 minutes at a time.Two weeks ago after picking up my monthly newsletter at the printers I ran in to another old friend who used to repair my bikes  ( back when an 8 hour ride was " just a ride " ) who in between sharing jokes with me , was telling me of his upcoming bladder removal due to cancer ATTITUDE, every one of my friends you would never know that something major was up , it's the attitude , I can  share this with you it's great to be around.