Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts have Energy - Wake up Inspired

" Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world "

                     Sri Maharashni

 As we mature we travel from the desire " To get a better life for me"
 " Make the world better because of me "
 Thoughts have energy , Inspire all we come in contact with

 Many years ago in conversation with a lifelong owner of a group of small very prosperous companies , the owner said to me " you know we can get alot done if we don't have to get credit for it " 

 That becomes more and more meaningful to me every year , many years ago I used to experience a bit of sadness as students would move up in to Black Belt , and then move away , it wasn't until one of my Black Belts said " I wouldn't be taking this new job if it wasn't for my Martial Arts Training , Thank You " Then I realized , the Staff and I where doing a better job than I had been aware of, the journey to Black Belt had changed many of of our students allowing them to operate at a much higher frequency and level of performance and that is what it's all about.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

morning routine

Having just finnished a morning routine of Somatic movement for neck, shoulders , back and hips,
some gentle roller work , chi kung and breathing finnishing with head to toe joint mobilization , I always reflect on how much better and healthier people would feel and perform if they had a personal morning routine.
As WWOZ 90.7 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Radio Station broadcasts , this weekend is the SATCHMO FEST , some powerfull Louis Armstrong is playing.

 My Power breakfast of Oatmeal , Raisons , walnuts and a dash of fresh maple syrup will stick with me right up to workout time , Mc Canns Oatmeal hands down is KIng , however Quaker oats with condiments makes a tasty  and economical meal

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training With Wisdom

Well here it is one week to the day when even after feeling alittle twinge in my hip , I decided a good sprinting session would shake iht right out , Wrong , for the last week lots of gentle Somatics and Foam Roller along with several Epsom Salt soaks , Teachable Lesson , still after all these years LISTEN to the body.
Just recently for light reading I picked up an old copy of The Illustrated Man , by Ray Bradbury what a great book , many of the movies very powerfull scenes with Rod Steiger are available on you tube , a great easy reading book ! While re reading the book Born to Run , a real inspirational book that gets you moving even more !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sprints , Squats , Turkish Get Ups and Foam Rollers

A cool and drizzly New Hampshire morning , almost hard to break a sweat doing 8 - 25 second Sprints , in addition to Sprints I am adding one legged squats , the turkish get up and some intense foam roller work to assist in keeping my sprinting muscles loose. As it has been the better part of 4 years since I have included on a regular basis one legged squats I am giving myself 30 days  to build up comfortably to full range of motion and several sets.

 This month in our Martial Arts Black Belt Class we are reveiwing Kenpo Ju Jitsu , Standing Knife Defense , Ground Knife Defense , Chi Kung Energy Breathing , Youthfull movement and Joint Mobilization along with Rolls , Falls and Take Downs , all outside on grass building to denser surfaces.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perfect bike day

A perfect day for bike rideing , sunny ,low 80's , for the first time this year I decided to take the 1973 Chrome P-15 Schwin Touring Paramount out , PERFECT , the Paramount was THE bike in its day and its still a joy to ride , a pretty intense and hilly New Hampshire ride and a bike thats almost 40 years old still does its thing nicely.Something to be said for good design and high quality materials.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Short and Sweet

Just finished up a Sprint session , 8- 25 second sprints in barefeet on grass , what a great workout , hi intensity , real life movement.
I'm often curious when I observe younger people at the Gym using the "Kardio" equipment when is the last time they ran up a hill , sprinted or bounded or skipped , these are the motions that keep people youthfull and playfull. Not that those "Kardio" machines don't have their usefullness as older people can hold on and feel safe , it is perhaps to easy to dumb bown the bodies ability to move  youtfully.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mixing it up

Quite frequently I'll obseve an individual at the gym doing the same basic workout every time they train , based on current research we know the body adjusts most quickly to the number of repititions in a workout , variety is important not just from a physical perspective , but also a mental perspective. Experience has shown that frequently people will get injured in the first couple of weeks of training , below is a simplified series of routines that I've used with great success as well as shared with many students.
* Body Weight ( before anything )
* 12 - 10 - 8
* 3 sets of 12
* 6 sets of 5
* 2 sets of 25
* 3 sets of 8
* 6 sets of 3
* 1 set of 12
As longevity of an Athlete  / Martial Artist is of primary concern , any training method that minimizes injury is of utmost importance , the importance of starting a routine with body weight exercise is critical to give joints , tendons and ligaments time to get conditioned.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keeping a Skill Set Sharp / 1,080 kicks a week

We all know that once we have aquired a skill set , it takes us much less time to maintain the skill set than to aquire it in the first place. Several years ago I set out to determine how many kicks daily , weekly , monthly and yearly I would need to repeat to maintain a high quality base level skill set.
 My training routine over the past 24 months has evolved to 12,960 kicks a year , 1,080 kicks per week , individual kicks , not counting kicks in Techniques or Forms. While employing 80% dynamic or active stretching this seems to be sufficent at this time , in the next several weeks my intentions are to add some Thai Pad round work , we'll see if anything changes.
Now that we are going on to our third day ( more or Less ) of sunshine its amazing to watch as peoples moods become so much more pleasant and everyone is motivated to walk, run , bike , get outside

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Sunshine

Well now that our 27 days ( more or less ) of rain has stopped , we have had two days of sunshine in a row ! Today was a bike riding day , after leading a Somatics class yesterday my body felt loose and ready for the local hills ( that qualify as mountains in some parts of the country ) after a power breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts , raisons and a dash of real maple syrup along with one egg with cheese , onion and tomato. Off for a great ride , lots of other cyclists out there. Back to the house for a bannana  and Stoney field Farm yogurt and 30 minutes of absorbing some vitamin D.
While adhering to the credo " Train don't Drain " all week my strength traing goal has been 6 sets  five reps , on Friday I made 5 sets of five reps , so goal for Monday is six sets of five reps before switching routine

Friday, July 10, 2009


The Sun is back , putting smiles on most everyones face ! Thursday was day number two for barefoot sprints , time still slow , however better than the first day , feet feel fine ! This weeks workout is 6 sets of 5 reps 
* Front Squat
*Pull Ups with Body Weight
*Bench Dips
* Flat Bench Press with Dumb Bells
* Hammer Curl
* one arm bent row
Done on a circuit format , no stops between exercises , then a 2 minute rest at the completion of one full set
Fast - Efficent - Not Boring

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Inspired by the book Born to Run , today was my first day of barefoot sprints ( modified ! ) the sun has vanished for a few more days , at noon time the temperature at my local school field was 57 degrees , with a nice freshly cut , very wet grass, six 25 second sprints with a 25 second rest , fast , comfortable and refreshing , feet felt fine . As the week progresses I will add some more speed and reduce the time . 

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sun is Shining

After what is probably one of New Hampshires  most rainiest  June's in history , July is bringing in the sun! Yesterday I pulled the old  Basso out , filled two water bottles and headed of for a " mystery ride" about three hours  and many hills latter , I was once again reminded on the quiet beauty of a solo bike ride.
Still reading Born to Run , will no doubt re read it , I'm so impressed and motivated that Tuesday I 'm heading out for the first time in a year to run sprints at a local high school field , this time barefoot