Saturday, June 27, 2009

Born To Run

Born To Run , authored by Christopher Mc Dougall , about a hidden tribe , Super Athletes and the Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen is an inspirational book for all of us .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

moving meditation

Today after a " perfect" bike ride , I was reminded of a term I've used alot in the past  to both bike riding and motorcyle riding  ,, MOVING MEDITATION , these days , the 1978 Motto Guzzi Le Mans sits , waiting to be rode , while a restored 1980's Basso , or 1972 Paramount , or even a vintage carbon fiber Trek are the most current tools of choice for a moving meditation , as a Martial Artist running my Forms and old Kata's provides me a different type of moving meditation as does some of the walking meditations we teach and practice.
Riding a bike , walking , running all provide me the relaxation that comes from 60 or more minutes of moving meditation , an experience I don't have at the gym with a dozen different TV stations on .
In fact , today was so great , I'm already thinking of a different ride for Sunday , here in this part of New Hampshire I can be confident the ride will have it's share of hills 1

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jim and Connie Ingram and AmerIndo Silat

This past Friday  I received a call from Connie Ingram explaining that herself and Mr . Ingram where in town to teach a Silat workshop , painfully I had to explain that I to was teaching a workshop that day , and Sunday was spoken  for however I would be glad to drive down on Monday for a courtesy visit . Over ten years ago I attended a Silat workshop  , that had almost as many teachers as participants , great for us , bad for them ,after 2 days of training and taking falls on a concrete cement floor , Mr. Ingrams particular approach to Silat really resonated with myself , about half way through the second day I partnered up with a man named Fred Fullerton , who would latter grow to be a very good friend and who would introduce me to Dave Boylin a superb Martial Artist , with a photographic memory for movement . At the conclusion of the Silat Camp I approaced Mr . Ingram and inquired if he would be interested in doing a Silat workshop in Nashua , N.H. where my Academy was located at that time , he replied that he would be interested and this began ten or more tears of intense workshops in New Hampshire and Rhode Island . At the time the Academy had just switched from the original DragonFire name to Black Belt Academy , we where instituting many cultural and curriculum changes to improve students performance , the new Academy was 14,000 square feet ! With the main workout floor at 7,000
square feet , plenty of room .As I understsood more and more of the Silat  , many Silat methods became integrated into our Kenpo curriculum providing a vibrant and flowing method .
Monday while visiting Mr.Ingram , many of those memories came back to me , Mr. Ingram is currently working on a book about Silat which we hope will be out soon . Many years ago he worked with Mr, Bob Orlando on a Silat book , I always had the feeling that it wasn't quite what he expected. At 80 years of age Mr. Ingram , looks , talks and moves like a man in his forties , if you have the oppurtunity to train with MR.Ingram I highly reccomend the experience , also check out the AMERINDO WEB SITE. What a special hour it was to visit the Ingrams , Mrs Ingram announced that next year would be their 60th wedding aniversary ! No matter how tired you are from training , with Mr. Ingram you always leave refreshed , and feeling good

Sunday, June 7, 2009

working with good people

Saturdays Somatic ( Feldenkrais ) Workshop was well represented with all ages and all levels of experience , we even had one of the old Black Belts attend , Ms Elkins , class was abit over two hours and was dedicated to David Carridine  , the Actor who recently died , his positive influence was responsible for a huge surge in memberships at Martial Schools of all types, in the 1970's. Class was also dedicated to Mr. Tim Roby , recent reciepient of a Kidney transplant , who not only shot video for us he participated as well ! The Somatic movements Rolling Praying Mantis and the Big X where a big hit with everyone.The Somatic movements taught are available on DVD , go for details.Based on feedback there appears to be a desire for a class on a regular basis. Also on Saturday I learned my Silat Instructor Guro Besat Jim Ingram and his wife Connie are outside of Boston doing a semminar series, Monday I will be making a courtesy visit.
Mr Ingrams Silat " AmerIndo " is a very unique system and I have felt blessed to be both a Student and Instructor in this Art