Friday, May 29, 2009

short and sweet

It wasn't that long ago that many Martial Artists and Boxers shunned weight lifting for fear of slowing down and getting tight , now we know with proper training methods a Martial Artist can lift and increase speed , power , flexibility and maintain what I like to refer to as youthfull movement ( with Somatics ) 
Heres this weeks complex :
5 sets that diminish from 6 reps down to 2 , moving as fast as possible from one to the next:
* standing overhead press
* good morning
* Back Squat
* front squat
* Dead Lift
* one arm dead lift right & left sides
walk 6 feet to the bench press 
average total time 3 minutes 30 seconds
once I've completed the that complex then over to the pull up bar same numbers , mixed grips on lat pull up  , set of pull up over to the bench for bench dips back to pull ups 

short and sweet , fast ,check it out or create your own variation , enjoy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend is the official start of the Tourist season in New Hampshire , that translates to lots of traffic heading North to the Mountains , Lakes and Ocean. Friday was a complex workout day  , talk about a Fast and Simple workout:
* Overhead Shoulder Press
*Good Morning
* Back Squat
* Front Squat
* Dead Lift
* One Handed Dead Lift
than a quick walk six feet to the bench for a bench press , all completed in 3 minutes 30 seconds
6 reps / 5 sets
Saturday a pleasant 60 minute bike ride that starts with about 30 minutes of serious hill climbs
Sunday will be a about 60 minutes of flats , with a quick stop inbetween to grab a cup of Paul Newmans best coffee , a light rain keeps the temperature perfect.
Some outstanding news Instructor Tim Roby received his long awaited Kidney transplant , during our last conversation the Doctors referred to him as the Poster Boy , he was doing so well
and will probably be home on Memorial Day ! It's been along two year wait , we are all happy for him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fast Fun and Simple Workouts

When I visit my local Gym , I observe so many people who have what is sometimes referred to as Gym amnesia ,  in essence each workout is pretty much the same as the last one : Who said it has to be boring , maybe because so many of us call it " working out " my workout this week is Fast,Fun and Simple :
Warm Up : Form s and Techniques  then some Dynamic Movement Warm Ups : Toy Soldiers -
Walking Rotating Twist - Walking Palms - Sumo Squats,
20 - Side - Back and RoundHouse Kicks with emphasis on Form -10 Spinning Back kicks
Jab - Cross - Jab basic boxing drills with # 1-2-3 and 4 Front Kicks , time roughly 15 minutes:
workout: BW nutral grip pull ups
                Full Squat to a standing Shoulder press
                Push ups with hands on a Swiss Ball
                One arm / one leg bent row
                Incline chest press
                swiss ball "Y" raise's
                Tricep rope pull downs / bench dips
                 Butt Blaster with one leg on a medicine ball
                 one arm concentration curl
                 torso cable rotation on knees
time roughly 14 minutes / rest for 2 minutes  / repeat
Fast , Fun and Simple 

Fine Art

 For anyone who appreciates Art , Visit  Guro Al Mc Luckies website at:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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During the course of workshops and everyday teaching I'm frequently asked exactly what my " morning routine" consists of , one thing I can say is it does change frequently , however the core elements are very similar , generally I start with a Feldenkrais rolling movement , and then move on to Somatic movements that loosen up the back , shoulders and hips , I'll also add some joint mobilzation movement to get the synovial fluid flowing , add some basic chi kung energy methods and some deep breathing an d it's time for breakfast - sounds like alot , never takes more than 20 minutes. And the best part is how good I feel starting every day , which is one of the reasons I encourage everyone to create and experiment with their own unique morning routine.
On Saturday June 6 , I will be leading a Somatic movement workshop , one of the really great things is after our 2 hour session together to see how much more relaxed and effortlessly participants move , if you can join us 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hydrorxy Cut Recall

The Hydroxy cut recall has prompted the F.D.A. to issue an Industry wide recall of all Hydroxy cut products.
It is terrible that an person lost their life and many others received liver damage. What nobody talks about is the 60,000 lives Dr. David Graham of the FDA calculated that VIOX killed , and the drug was voted safe by an FDA panel even though its manufacturer had voluntarily recalled it ! It's estimated that common pain killers like Aspirin and NSAID kill 16,500 people each year and the FDA has never recalled any NSAID's.
The FDA's strong alliance with big pharmacueutical companies is cause for concern for all of us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring at Last

Spring at last in New England , the May Flies have been out for over a week now .The last class we held in a local park , the students came prepared - with bug spray in hand. Today is a strength training day as well as technical training , starting with a dynamic warm up , then Forms and techniques followed by some kickboxing drills , my goal is to be out of the gym in one hour fiveteen minutes ! 
 Today's my Dad's 85 th Birthday , a day to celebrate !
This Thursday we have a Black Belt Training Class at Dr.Boulards office in Nashua , covering combat Ju Jitsu street techniques , Kenpo Club material and Silat entries , several old Black Belts have been invited , sure be great to see them in class !