Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Morning Routine

The reason I have established a morning routine is not only does it allow me to create purpose , focus and ritual to my day it ensures that EVERY DAY i'm getting key items accomplished:
Sample Morning Routine:
 *Rise, rinse mouth out with water
 *Prepare fresh lemon add to a class of water, drinking a minimum of 2 glasses during morning    routine,,,,,,,,,, often times more depending on temperature and days activities

 * Joint Rotations
 * Chi Kung / Energy Practice
 *  Deep Breathing
 Then on to some nice and relaxed , slow Somatic work,,,, depending on how I read my body
 I'll focus on several Feldenkrais / Somatic movements

 Now I'm ready to move on to managing my day: often times the night before I have created an Action list of what I would like to accomplish along with order of importance, IF I haven't already I will tweak the action list as needed and add to my daytimer ,,

 Depending on the day: I've used 20 - 60 minutes to create a powerfull, productive , playfull, healthy day,,,,,,, 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Power of Love

two weeks ago, while speaking with a cousin who lives over 500 miles away, we where discussing my Mothers recovery process( her knee that was replaced several years ago had " acted" up unable to stand one morning an ambulance brought her to a local hospital ) I'd mentioned how it seemed like the Hospital really wasn't "working" with Mom , to get her up and moving,, and that she was seeming abit down ( in fact some day's the hospital NEVER even got her out of bed for her "physical therapy " - imagine 24 hours in bed , at 80 plus years ) well thats all my cousin needed to hear, she said she'd be up that weekend, and Saturday morning not only was my Cousin visiting in Mom's room, her two daughters, my second cousins where there as well.
All I know that the love that was in Mom's hospital room was as powerful as any drug dispensed that weekend,,,,,,,,,,,thank's cousins

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

monday morning staff training

From 9 am until noon time I had the opportunity to present a training on mastery of the introductory lesson and the importance of proper culturehosted by Master Matt Randall owner of Master Randalls Black Belt Academy in historic downtown Dover, New Hampshire, along with Master Randalls TEAM, also participating was Sensei Mike Procopio Chief Instructor and Dojo masnager of the World famous Perdo's Judo Dojo, along with Mr,Jeff Saab and his dynamic Staff
  in 3 hours we covered and drilled a ton of material ! It gives me great pleasure to be able to work with groups of Martial Artist's who embrace change and desire to provide the very finest classroom experience possible for their students on the path to Black Belt and beyond.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

tabata principle

a perfect new england summer day, up early , mixed up a protein drink and headed off to the local school soccer field, a 5 minute warm up, 8 20 second sprints, a 5 minute cool down , some stretching and stick work, then home to a turkey burger (2 ) and almond breakfast. The sprints felt good after yesterdays workout of 6/3 , six sets of 3 reps: my friend Bernie Fuchs invited me to a beach party at Hampton Beach, i'm looking forward to the refreshing ocean air and making some new friends

Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day 2008

Happy Independence Day ! Having just finnished a 2 1/2 hour bike ride on a vintage steel framed Basso, over local country roads it felt good to get back home and mix up a carb & protein recovery drink, the fourth is always a great day to ride and experience ALL the great smells from all of the cookouts. One of the great things about spending time on New hampshires back roads is I get to ride past many homes that where built BEFORE the United States of America was a country,,,,,, just like those houses have seen alot so has this beautifull country of ours,, my desires our that after these last 8 years we all are ready for a change.
The lettuce that I will be picking for my post ride meal awaits, that critical "window" to get real food in is calling.
A happy and safe fourth of july .